Family Christian Ministries

Helping People Understand and Restore Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Well-Being   

Thank you for your interest in Family Christian Ministries!

Here at Family Christian Ministries, we are committed to serving God and the needs of you and your family.

Our Method

- Temperament Therapy combined with Biblical Truth and Biblical Principles

- Identifying Spiritual Health Needs 

- Identifying Emotional Health Needs

- Identifying Mental Health Needs

- Identifying Physical Health Needs

 Who Can Benefit

Anyone struggling to identifying strengths, weaknesses and needs as related to human temperament. 

Wherever you may be on your life journey, at Family Christian Ministries you will find supportive counsel and therapy from William O'Donnell PT, LPC, who will offer a wealth of opportunities for personal growth and healing. We offer practical solutions for leading a joyous, abundant, and peace-filled life.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our approach to restoring the breach in your life or the life of your family. We serve the local areas of Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City, Nevada. We offer face time appointments for those who are not local, cannot leave their home, or prefer the comfort of their home.

We pray our programs will help serve you and your family by discovering and learning to sharpen strengths, manage weaknesses, and have needs met in a manner that heals brokenness in your life. Discover your Temperament make up today and begin to thrive.

Family; natrual, grafted in, or embraced by His church, He wants us all to belong