Family Christian Ministries

Helping People Understand and Restore Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Well-Being   

Physical Fitness is all the buzz these days. Just Google the word "exercise" and you will get a host of experts giving you the latest and greatest in diet and fitness advice. At Family Christian Ministries our founder William O'Donnell PT,LPC  is a licensed Physical Therapist of 29 years and has worked with athletes of all ages throughout his career. Currently he works with the geriatric population in Las Vegas, NV to help restore functional mobility in an effort to improve quality of life. He believes the key to Physical Wellness  begins with Spiritual, Emotional and Mental wellness while incorporating an age appropriate exercise program that considers an individuals body type and past medical history along with a sensible meal plan that considers current life circumstances. Contact us today for an appointment if you believe we can help you achieve greater Physical Wellness.